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John Curtis

John J. Curtis

SEO Manager for Walgreens and former webmaster of the satire site Giant Napkin from 2007-2008.

  • Half Of 25-Year-Old's Writing Onion-Denied

  • Jeff Matheny

    Jeff Matheny

    Matheny maintained satire site "The Gay Black Jew" from 2005-2008; he joined HumorFeed in 2006.

  • When Humor Meets Homophobia

  • Richard Rabkin

    Richard Rabkin

    Rabkin is currently Managing Director at COR - the Kosher Council (Toronto, CA) and President and CEO of Jewlarious.

  • So Laugh Already! - Taking Jewish Satire Online

  • Graham Sibley

    Graham Sibley

    From 2003-2011, Graham Sibley was one of the writers behind The Onion Bag, a site dedicated to sports humor and satire (archives can now be found on Football Fairground). Since 2009, Sibley has been part of the team at Sound of Football, a successful weekly sports podcast which focuses on "issues and personalities rather than results and league tables."

  • Satire and Political (In)activity: Interview with Courtney E. Martin

  • Bill Stockton

    Bill Stockton

    Satirist and humor writer, former webmaster of Satirium and author of Is That True or did you Make it Up?, Bill Stockton has worked as a correspondent for the Associated Press and was an editor at the New York Times for more than two decades.

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  • Rex Strother

    Rex Strother

    The mind behind the satire site Lowlights Now, Rex is a musician based in Salt Lake City.

  • On Being Hax0red - Rebuilding After A Hacker Attack

  • Allen Voivod

    Allen Voivod

    Former Check Please! features editor and onetime webmaster of satire site Deadbrain U.S., Allen Voivod is the co-founder of Epiphanies, Inc., a consulting firm focusing on digital marketing and branding.

  • All's Fair in Love and Satire -- Or Is It?

  • Jeremiah Weisserhut

    Jeremiah Weisserhut

    Weisserhut is an experienced security and encryption expert who currently works for a software development company which focuses on security software.

  • On Being Hax0red - Rebuilding After A Hacker Attack

  • Brian K. White

    Brian K. White

    Founder of Glossy News in 2002, a site which has since grown to include more than 90 writers, and one of HumorFeed's founding members, Brian currently manages The Publicity Firm, a web design, hosting and promotion company.

  • Self-Publishing for Fun, Profit and an Ounce of Legitimacy

  • George Wolfe

    George Wolfe

    Leader of L.A. River Expeditions, George Wolfe is an environmental and satire writer who founded LaLa Times.

  • Evolution of a News Satire Site