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Check Please! is a journal devoted to the serious examination of humor and satire, ranging from its role in relation to actual journalism to practical considerations of producing an online satire site. It is intended as a resource for both the online satire and journalism communities.

It is published in association with, a community of news satire webmasters working together to improve and promote their respective sites via common ventures such as HumorFeed.

It is our goal to establish Check Please! as the foremost publication for the satire news community, and as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the roles that satire news plays online as a form of commentary and influence on mainstream journalism. We welcome your comments and feedback.

All contents are copyright © 2004-2015, all rights reserved, by Check Please! and may not be reproduced in any form without permission. If there are any questions, please contact us at


E.F. Watley

E.F. Watley (Founding Editor)

Creator of the Watley Review (2003-2010), Watley has been administrator for HumorFeed since 2004. He currently works as a writer for a policy research institute. Watley's checkered career includes advanced degrees in literature and knowledge of languages living and dead.
John Breneman

John Breneman (Associate Editor)

John Breneman is a writer who draws on decades of experience as a newspaper reporter, editor, page designer and columnist. He maintains Triple Action News and is the author of Downsized!: How I Got Laid Off After 30 Years in Newspapers and Turned My Funniest Sunday Advice Columns Into a Blockbuster E-book. He is currently Senior Content Strategist at Vital Design.
Kate Heidel

Kate Heidel (Associate Editor)

Humor writer and essayist who maintains Wear Your Cape, Kate's work has been featured in several anthologies of online humor, including Net's Best Satire, Vol 1.


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