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Tale of Santa Bailout Named Story of 2009

In a sign of the times, the winning story of the fifth annual HumorFeed Satire News Awards focused on excessive corporate bonuses and an institution that is 'too big to fail' - in this case, Christmas. on Davis, of Satirical Political, won first place with his entry, A Real War on Xmas: Outrage Grows Over Excessive Bonuses to Santa's Elves. His entry was chosen by a panel of journalists and humor writers as the best HumorFeed story of 2009.

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Check Please! is a website devoted to the serious examination of online satire, ranging from its role in relation to actual journalism to practical considerations of producing an online satire site. It is intended as a resource for both the online satire and journalism communities.

The site draws in part on the collective expertise and experiences of more than sixty satire site webmasters from HumorFeed, as well as outside experts.

Half Of 25-Year-Old's Writing Onion-Denied

The fabled Onion looms large across the online humor landscape. For the average struggling satirist, this institution - syndicated through mainstream media sites and with multiple bestselling books - represents an unattainable pinnacle. Imagine, then, being contacted out of the blue by the Onion with an invitation to try out for a position. It's like being called by the Yankees because of your performance on the company softball team. It happened to John Curtis, and though he didn't end up making the team, he has a remarkable story to tell.

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Self-Publishing for Fun, Profit and an Ounce of Legitimacy

Self-publishing has had a sketchy reputation amongst writers, readers and publishers alike due to a combination of understandable problems. It can be high cost (both for the author and the buyer), low quality, and the sales will invariably be a fraction of what they would through a traditional publisher. But there are ways around most of these problems, assuming you're willing to do the work.

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Tilting at Windmills: Cervantes and the Modern Satirical Novel

Don Quixote looms large in our cultural consciousness; most people are familiar with the phrase 'tilting at windmills', indicating a futile activity. But at the time Miguel Cervantes published the story of the dutiful knight with a sadly feeble grip on reality it was not a simple comedy, but rather a searing satire that put an end, once and for all, to the doggedly enduring pretenses of the chivalric world.

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