Check Please!
Robert Dreschel

Ethics, Satire, and Journalism: Interview with Professor Robert Drechsel

The recent proliferation of internet "click bait"- articles masquerading as news or satire primarily for the purpose of generating traffic and, hence, ad revenue - have raised new ethical concerns for satirists. We spoke with Robert E. Drechsel, Director of the Center for Journalism Ethics in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to discuss these and other questions regarding ethics and the intersection of satire and journalism.
Check Please! is a journal devoted to the serious examination of humor and satire, particularly online, ranging from its role in relation to actual journalism to practical considerations of producing a humor website. It is intended as a resource for both the online satire and journalism communities. It is published periodically in association with HumorFeed, a community of news satire webmasters working together to improve and promote their respective sites via a variety of collaborative activities.
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